Oliver Roick

Leaflet.Deflate 1.2

It has been about a year since I released Leaflet.Deflate 1.0. Back then, I spent a considerable amount of time to whip the library into shape.

Leaflet.Deflate is in a good state. Downloads on NPM went up, the number of bug reports went down, people rarely ask for new features and seem to like it. There is no need for frequent releases, which is a good thing. It indicates maturity and stability.

Nevertheless, there is work to do now and then, resulting in the release of Leaflet.Deflate 1.2. The latest release contains two changes:

Beyond that, some changes do not affect Leaflet.Deflateā€™s functionality directly:

With that, I will attend to other projects again unless someone files a bug or requests a new feature. All input is welcome.